faqs about lemonade school.

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where are you located?

So far, we have a campus in Toronto. Our classes are held in the Daniels Spectrum Building in the Centre for Social Innovation offices at 585 Dundas St E., 3rd floor. However, we will soon be opening offices in other Canadian cities, so check back soon for more information on that, or sign up to our mailing list to get updates as they become available.

what topics are your courses in?

We have courses and workshops in Business Development, UX, Web Development, Product & Project Management, Design & Digital Marketing.

are your courses accredited?

Lemonade School was founded on the belief that while colleges and universities are valuable, they don't offer the right kind of knowledge and practical skills for everyone. We offer relevant education in today's most sought-after subject matters taught by active working professionals who are the most experienced practitioners in their industry. We believe this is the most effective training you can get to make positive change in your life and career, but it means that we aren't recognized by the Ontario government accrediting body. But you do get a letter of completion after each course if you need to show your employer that you passed.

how do I know I will succeed?

Our primary focus is to ensure that you get a premium experience and walk out of our door with a strong foundation of knowledge and practical skills. In all of our part time and full time courses, you will have at least one core instructor and one TA to help you understand the material both in the lectures, during regular office hours, and by appointment. In addition, all of the course materials will be online so that you can review according to your own schedule.

I’m a total newbie with no experience whatsoever in the course topic. Am I qualified enough to take one of your courses?

Most of our full and part time courses are designed for beginners, so please don't be discouraged! Our instructors have been selected because they know how to break down complex subjects and deliver them in a way that enhances your learning. Additionally, we have loads of other resources like TAs, office hours, and online materials to help you succeed. The most important ingredient to your success is hard work - so if you come to class, focus while you're there, ask loads of questions, do your homework after each session and seek out help as soon as you need it, you'll not just pass the course but love what you're learning.

what if I have to miss a session of a full or part time course?

We recommend having a 100% attendance score, but we know that sometimes things come up. Please let us know if you can't attend, by emailing your instructor or TA, or at courses@lemonadeschool.ca. We will work with you to make up the missed work and ensure you stay on track with the course.

how do I book a course?

Lemonade School is dedicated to providing a high-quality educational experience, so we cap all of our courses once we hit 20 students. In order to secure your spot, we require you to register online or in person and complete the payment - then your spot is reserved!

what payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, credit card and Paypal. When using cash or cheques, they can only be accepted in-person at the front desk - and if you show up just before the course, you run the risk of it being sold out. However, if there are open spots, then you are set to go! The best way to book a spot in a course is to register and pay online so that your spot is reserved.

do you offer options for payment plans?

We know that these courses are expensive, but we generally need to receive the payment in full up front in order to reserve your spot. However, if this is the one thing preventing you from taking the course, please come and talk to us for a customized solution. You can email us at courses@lemonadeschool.ca, and please include your phone number so we can call to discuss.

what is your cancellation and refund policy?

We completely understand that sometimes you can't make it to a course or workshop. For the workshops, please email us 7 days before hand for a full refund. After this point, no refunds can be given. For the part time and full time courses, you may cancel at any time before the class starts with written notice, and you will receive a full refund minus a $125 registration fee. If you need to cancel once the course has started, the refund given will be pro-rated based on the cancellation date: during the first week, you may receive up to 75% back minus the registration fee. In the second week, up to 50% off minus the registration fee. Unfortunately, after this point, no refunds can be given.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Email us at courses@lemonadeschool.ca.