students learning at Lemonade School

don't wait for life to give you lemons.
make lemonade today.

Lemonade School offers camps and programs for kids and young adults interested in entrepreneurship. Our programs involve activities in marketing, user experience, design, coding, leadership, and business development that all work together to teach our youth the most important lessons of all - problem solving and resilience.

If your kids have a real business idea that they want to explore, or you want to instill a mindset of making things happen, get in touch with us today.

what's behind the metaphor?

The reality is that today's economic landscape is filled with uncertainty. What we do know is that the skills & knowledge we learned ten or even five years ago will not be nearly as relevant when our youth are joining the workforce. Technology is the future. Continuous learning is the new normal.

make the lemonade.
own the stand.

Our programs are centred around entrepreneurship, and therefore cover a variety of relevant subject matters. Startups often find themselves bootstrapping it, which makes it so important to have a wide range of skills. By learning the basics of lots of key tools and capabilities, kids can get a real sense of ownership and satisfaction that comes with accomplishing tasks by themselves.

the lemonade difference


Our courses and workshops are taught by working professionals currently exceling in their field – not a professor who got a PHd in the 70s. Therefore, kids get the benefit of learning current best practices and real strategies for success in today’s market.


Our programs are centred around laughter, excitement and a genuine sense of joy from the activities. Kids learn best when they are happy, healthy, and engaged - so we keep fun and activity at the forefront of each day.

no grades

None of our courses are accredited, nor are they equivalent to any school course. We pride ourselves on this because we cherish real value, knowledge and actionable skills – not the piece of paper.


In each course, your kids will meet other entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals, as well as create a relationship with the instructors – all of whom contribute to a strong internal culture of being able to achieve goals. Our programs encourage speaking up and sharing stories so that everyone can learn from oneanother too!